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With my Nikon D300 I have been photographing dahlias. I have been unable to get accurate colors of some of the flowers particularly in the magenta-violet range. I have adjusted white balance manually as well as tried adjusting it in Auto with fine tuning on the G M axis. I am shooting in Raw. Any suggestions?

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Have you tried a UV filter? Perhaps the Nikon is reacting to excessive UV. –  Patrick Hughes Feb 7 '12 at 7:31

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I have a D300 and have exactly the same problems. I utilize a combination of the Picture Control System and then post editing using Nikon's NX2 RAW editing software to adjust contrast and saturation until I can see the detail which the colour depth is losing.

Also check out my answer to the following as it is very pertinent to this question .. Why do bright red flowers end up without details?

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