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I was going to buy Canon EF-S 55-250mm f4-5.6 IS lens from eBay. But I saw there is a another lens available as MK II with same focal lengths. I googled to find difference between above lenses, but there were no results for that.

Can anyone explain the difference between these two lenses? Something I noticed is that the MK II lens is priced a little bit higher than the other.

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According to announcement, the mkII version is only a few months old (the original one was introduced in 2007). Compared to older one, it seems to have gotten only a cosmetic makeover - some writings have moved to other locations and the plastic seems different. It has been noted that some of the new design features, like painted mount marker instead of a moulded one, and one-color finish (which I consider nicer), are probably cheaper than the older design.

The UD glass and Canon Super Spectra coating touted in the announcement were actually already present in the original design.

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