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Nowadays (among other projects) I'm shooting candle lights in churches (using mostly long exposures) using a Canon 17-40mm F4. (A small part of) The results are here.

I'm thinking now to buy a Tokina AT-X 16-28 F2.8 mostly because it gives me:

  • One stop faster
  • Much lower distortion

...but I'm concerned on how much the Tokina lens are flare resistant in the above situations (shooting candles & other light sources in a dark environment - see the link) and will not give me different green 'aliens', ghosting or any other artifacts in a much more percentage compared with Canon 17-40 F4. Perhaps I should note that I use a Canon FF camera.

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I use this lens a lot, but I have not taken any pictures by candlelight. I have done long exposure photography in the vicinity of streetlights with no flare issues. I do know that you have to be very careful about flare in sunlight.

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