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I'm looking for a way to easily and affordably make backups of my .NEF files. Ideally the solution should be:

  • As simple and easy to use as Dropbox (or even be automatic plugin in Aperture or action in when plugging in a SD card to reader)
  • As low-cost as google paid storage
  • Work on Mac and Windows

Are there any?

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Here might be some clues, although usability is not covered and question is only about Mac: What options are there for good, cheap online backup of data? – Imre Oct 25 '11 at 9:47

There are several services available (see below, copied from my answer to the linked question).

Regarding usability: These services generally allow you to configure a specific collection of directories which are then scanned for changes. Whenever a change occurs the new files or amendments are uploaded, so there is no manual effort involved. The online utilities for retrieving files can vary, so I would suggest looking at the demo pages for these services.

The market for online cloud backup is competitive but I'm not sure if these are as cheap as Google paid storage.

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I had a great experience with CrashPlan so far. I use their software to backup to an external drive (free) and also to backup to the Cloud (paid). At less then $3/month with the 4 year plan, it's a steal for unlimited Cloud storage (currently I have 200GB). If you don't want to pay for Cloud storage, you can do peer-to-peer backups for free. I also like the iOS app, you can download photos and files to your iPad. I once forgot to copy a document to my laptop, so I just downloaded it to my iPhone and emailed me back at work. – CSharpRocks Oct 25 '11 at 11:39
+1 on Crashplan. I will add a CRITICAL feature that is NOT in the others: backup of disconnected drives. Crashplan saves data from drives not connected. Others will delete data from drives they have not seen for 30 days. I have archive disks where this would be tragic, as they are older images I don't have online all the time, but they are on hard drives that have not been plugged into my Mac in months. – cmason Oct 25 '11 at 12:49

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