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I have a bunch of photos of jewelry that I need to upload to a website. Unfortunately there is a 2MB file size limit. Most of the photos are JPEGs over 3MB.

I want to keep the aspect ratio, meta data, and highest quality possible at under 2MB. Adobe Bridge will allow me to set an image size limit when I export, but not the file size.

Does anyone know of a way to render the images with a max filesize limit?

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Alex, is doing this in Bridge your desired approach (even if the answer is "sorry, no luck"), or are you open to solutions which require a software switch? –  mattdm Oct 14 '11 at 3:47

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I don't believe Bridge has this functionality.

Photoshop and Lightroom (with a mogrify plugin) have this ability to set a file size based export.

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Lightroom 3 has the built-in ability to set a filesize constraint when exporting. I haven't used it myself, and I'm aware there has been the odd bug related to that functionality, but it definitely exists.

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I have used it; it works perfectly fine. You can also set the limit in different publishing services (hard-drive, facebook, flickr and smugmug support out of box) –  Khurram Aziz Oct 14 '11 at 9:19

If you are shooting for a website that limits your file size, just shoot the photos with that website in mind. Preset your camera with that size photo. IE an 800x600 or a 640x480. But if your camera will not do this, then a resizing program (like those mentioned) will have to be used.

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Use FastStone image viewer. You can convert files in a batch. (Multiple files at once) The aspect ratio is maintained.

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