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Need help in deciding which type of memory card that is best suited for my Canon 60D. Primarily I will be shooting in RAW pictures mode and only occasionally I will be shooting in in HD video mode. I came across three main type of memory cards, SD, SDHC and SDXC. What is the differene between these cards?

Also, do I really need a Class 10 memory card to meet my photography requirements?


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SD vs SDHC vs SDXC has only to do with capacity with respective maximums of 2 GB, 32 GB and 2 TB. This impacts the file-system used on those cards (FAT, FAT32 and exFAT, respecitvely) and which devices are compatible with them.

Performance is governed by the transfer rate of each card. These are either represented by MB/s or by class. For performance of the camera, you are interested in one with a high write-speed, so pay attention to those who only quote a single number.

Memory cards no reach 100 MB/s which is probably more than you need. Full HD video from the 60D requires 6MB/s so you will be quite safe with 15MB/s or more. If you shoot continuously in RAW, then go for something even faster.

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