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I was looking at Flipbac Grips for my Canon S90. Was wondering if anyone had any comments to share about them. Yes I'd prefer Richard Franeic's custom-machined aluminium version but I'm too miserly. Will the G1 or G2 do the job at least competently?


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As seen here: – 5arx Sep 27 '11 at 15:52
Thanks to @s95 shooter - I bought all three and have settled on the G1 - it really is a very good solution and I recommend it without reservation. – 5arx Oct 14 '11 at 12:32
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I have used both the Flipbac Grip 2 and the RF grip (on my previous S90). The RF grip is nice but the Flipbac Grip is no compromise. I feel it is much better value for money. It fit my S95 perfectly. On a recent weekend trip with my wife it was invaluable. Easy one hand holding. It feels good and looks good. I don't own my camera long enough to justify the $45 on the RF grip.No regrets.

s95 shooter Western Australia

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