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I am looking for a release form so I can use pictures I took of my clients on my website and on promotional material.

I have no intention of selling the photos.

I have no idea what to even google. Any suggestions?

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Google 'Model Release Form' or simply include a clause saying something like 'The model agrees that the photographer can use any photographs taken in promotional material unless expressly informed otherwise' – ElendilTheTall Sep 20 '11 at 7:09
And note that the form of release differs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so include your country/state in the search term. If your results include your national professional photographic association, that would be your best bet. – user2719 Sep 20 '11 at 11:01
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Check these links, I have found them all useful in the past.

(If you have a Getty account then you can just download theirs. The same may well go for other stock agencies.)

Edit: also check out this iPhone app, it looks excellent and the releases generated are accepted by Getty and Alamy:

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If you are in Canada, you might consider the CAPIC release form templates.

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