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I am planning to buy a compact super zoom camera and am not able to decide between Sony DSC HX9V and Nikon Coolpix S9100. Both have comparable specs and I am not proficient enough to tell which one is better.

Ease of use is as important for me as image quality. Although I would be mostly using the camera in auto mode for now, I would like to learn and dive deeper into manual/program mode.

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Do you need such a high zoom? I was almost decided to buy the Sony HX-5 (needed smaller camera as a second one for occasions where I cannot have my DSLR). Then I saw some photos and talked with a guy who upgraded from HX5 to Nikon P300 and I decided to buy the Nikon.

HX-9 has unluckily bigger resolution than HX-5 and the guy complained about blurred images (because of the noise reduction) and the inability to adjust the exposition - no Av/Tv modes etc. Unlike the Nikon, Sony also has GPS and compass, but depends, if this is useful for you.

I think you should have a look no the P300, if you do not need ultrazoom and if you appreciate better lens and "DSLR-like" exposure modes.

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P300 has just 4.2x zoom... thats too less.. i thought of P7000 .. but then thats too expensive.. –  lukya Jul 25 '11 at 12:21
@lukya: did you read the reviews here: and ? There are also sample galleries which can help you to decide between the two cameras you chose. Additionally, here you can choose both cameras and click on the picture to see the differences: –  Juhele Jul 28 '11 at 6:43

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