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I was curious to know if there was a place that lists all the options that are possible on a DSLR camera or even which cameras have them?

for example: Video recording, Night vision, The speed in retaking a picture.... etc...

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I don't think a site could list all possible features, but an ambitious one could list all currently-existing features. :) –  mattdm Jul 23 '11 at 1:32
snapsort would be a start I guess, if you click into the Specifications detail. I doubt any source is going to give you a really comprehensive list –  MikeW Jan 27 at 20:01

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Snapsort is a great site that I think does what you're after. It's a really easy way to browse camera features and compare models side by side to decide what to buy.

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Well, dpreview.com has an extensive database. @Itai's neocamera.com is good as well.

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