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I am trying to perform some post-processing of Camera Raw images captrued using my Canon EOS 450-D. I am using PS CS5 and GIMP particulary to remove noise which is present in images.

My questions is:

In a typical image post processing, I think that most of the denoising happens almost always in the last step of processing in YCbCr data space. I am looking at some method/tool to perform denoising in Raw bayer data space itself on the sensor bayer data. Can you suggest any such tools, or algorithms/papers which talk about this? (I intend to implement my own denoising of bayer data eventually if I find some algorithm for it.)

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I've taken the liberty of removing the first part of your question, as it is exactly covered under What types of noise can be present in digital photographs? –  mattdm Jul 6 '11 at 14:41
@mattdm - ok. thanks. –  goldenmean Jul 6 '11 at 14:58

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This is well beyond my understanding of the technology but I have read an article on this here.

It was an interesting read on the subject.

Also I notice you are using GIMP and CS5 for noise reduction, I found both to give me sub par results. I ended up settling on Nik Dfine for that process when I really need it and using Lightrooms built in noise filter as part of my process when I'm feeling lazy.

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