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There are a lot of discussions about bags for DSLR — but since micro four thirds is all about size, there have to be some unique bags designed especially to take advantage of the reduced size. Using a SLR bag for Micro 4/3 equipment seems plain stupid.

Requirements: fit a camera, a bunch of lenses and some accessories (like extra battery / charger) plus a MacBook Air 11".

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Seems to me a macbook air will be more of an issue than a micro 4/3 camera! –  ChrisFletcher Jul 5 '11 at 19:14
Yeah, it was the laptop fitting in there that got me confused too :) –  Itai Jul 5 '11 at 23:51

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Well many a camera bag has interchangeable dividers that allow you to custom fit the interior compartments - so any of those can be a micro four thirds bag. Since you're going to be throwing the whole kitchen sink your bag ("a camera, a bunch of lenses and some accessories (like extra battery / charger) plus a MacBook Air 11") there's little use in recommending a particularly small bag. Just get the size and style of bag you want that has the movable dividers.

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Some smaller camera bags like the Think Tank Retrospective 5 are marketed as being designed for MFT cameras, but that generally just means they're slightly smaller bags. As rfusca mentioned, pretty much any smaller bag with adjustable dividers should function.

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I am sure that such big manufacturer like Lowepro will have something to fit your needs. They have very good and modular bags and cases. Just have a look. As I wanted to buy some case to fit my DSLR with my Tamron 70-300 plus some additional lens, filters etc. - it was finally not a big problem and I quickly found their Inverse 100 AW. There are also other good brands like Caselogic or Kata. :-)

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You can use padded lunch bags for storing MFT gear in your regular bag. This opens up a whole world of options with far better designs than most camera cases.

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I looked for a long time and found the Winer 9 and 9+. It fits my Fuji X-T1 with 18-55, 60mm, and 55-200 plus extras. Hard to find locally but its smaller thickness makes it perfect.

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