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Can anyone recommend an online provider and/or method of canvas printing of photographs? It doesn't need to be wrapped around gallery style stretched canvas, but just a way to remotely have photographs printed from a digital format to stretch canvas. Money, distance, etc are not factors. I'm more interested in process and quality of result.

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What locale are you in? America, Europe, somewhere else? What are your budgetary requirements? – jrista Jun 26 '11 at 16:24 says that he is in NY. – Lord Loh. Jun 26 '11 at 17:39

I don't have a first hand experience with their canvas prints, but BayPhoto did fine on my 20x16 foamcore mounted prints. Their prices seem to be in-line with comparative services and their customer service is very good as well. The submission of files is through a convenient Java applet (BayROES) that you download from their website and through which you manage your account.

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There is also RGBdigital in Brisbane Australia. Here are the sizes and prices: They also use ROES for electronic orders. They use quality Canson matte cotton canvas, printed on a large format Epson printer with archival inks, every canvas is custom made, frames are cut to size and canvas hand stretched.

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We offer great prices for archival certified canvas wraps. Upload any picture to our site and we do all the work for you. Check out our website @ or on Facebook @

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There are several, plus, several blog posts across the web suggesting such services.

Here are a few:

  • Point 101 (UK Based, ships to Europe, North America Far East and Australia)
  • CanvasPop (US Based, ships to US & Canada only)
  • Canvas R Us (Netherlands Based, ships to US, Europe and Australia)
  • Your Image 2 Canvas (UK Based, ships to Europe)

Regarding an How to manually print and frame it, you can follow some nice Youtube tutorials, here is one in 2 parts:

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