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My camera is 6 months old and I noticed there is quite a few spots on the sensor (especially when taking HDR shots of bright scenes or the sky) The hand blower does not lift these particles off the sensor and I don't know if there is enough spots to have the sensor professionally cleaned at the service center.

There is a function on the camera that records "Dust Delete Data" which is (according to the manual) used with the Canon Digital Photo Professional software to delete these spots i presume. I don't have any of the Canon software installed as it is not needed for my workflow and don't really want to add an extra step if I don't have to.

So the question is; can the "Dust Delete Data" be used with Lightroom? (or Photoshop, although I would prefer LR since this is where most of my post-processing takes place)

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Why not just try it out? And let us know what the outcome is :) – blubb Jun 26 '11 at 19:11
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Dust delete data is Canon proprietary, and no third party software that I'm aware of interprets it. I can say for certain that Lightroom/ACR, Aperture and Capture One are all blissfully ignorant of this data.

I'm sure everyone making RAW image processing software would love Canon to open up a bit more on these details but so far, it's still not public information as far as I know.

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Another option is to use the Spot Removal tool to manually fix up the photos where dust shows up significantly.

Here's a good article walking through the process:

I'll probably stick with this approach and only fix the few photos where dust is actually visible.

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