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While editing this picture, which was shot in JPEG, at one point some noise got added to the sky after I increased the saturation. I knew that the luminance noise reduction in ACR would take care of this. However to do so, I had to save the file as a JPEG and then open it again through ACR, apply noise reduction and then replace the monument with it's layer in the older .psd file (since I didn't want to loose it's detail).

So, I was wondering if there was a way to open a layer directly in Camera Raw and then process it then and there to avoid all this hassle?

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After you make your adjustments in ACR, press Shift and then instead of Open Image, you'll see Open Object. That will create the layer as a smart object and you can then go back to ACR from that smart object layer. I believe you'd have to have known to do that from the start. I'm not aware of anyway to reopen a layer in ACR after the fact if you haven't opened it as a smart object.

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In preferences you can set ACR to always open images as smart objects if you're going to do it a lot. – James Snell Jul 20 '15 at 15:48

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