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I need a computer screen for editing photos (and playing games, but that's another story). Maximum price is around 200$. Sizewise 21-22" would be nice.

Thanks in advance,


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possible duplicate of What should I look for in a monitor for photo processing? – mattdm May 27 '11 at 11:35
An IPS panel would be optimal, but you won't find it for that price range. Just get whatever deal you can find and purchase a calibration tool to get it closer to the ideal. – dpollitt May 27 '11 at 13:50
If you can save to around $300 Dell currently has a few low end IPS monitors. I don't have one so I can't say for quality versus other monitors in the price range. – Rob McCready May 30 '11 at 19:00
Editing photos and playing games is somewhat contradictory requirement, because up to my current knowledge, IPS panels have quite high reaction time, which obviously is not good for gaming. – Mart Oruaas May 31 '11 at 15:42

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Its hard to go wrong with Dell Ultrasharp, they are really nice displays in all sizes.

As mentioned, the preferred display for photo editing is an IPS display. It can be confusing to figure out which displays are IPS. Apple's iMac and Cinema Displays are IPS, and many Ultrasharp's are, but Dell seems to change supplier's on a whim and the technology changes as often.

As of this post, Dell claims their 27" and 30" are IPS, but no mention of what other sizes are.

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I think you'll be able to find a monitor for that budget you have.

I would recommend checking Newegg.com or Fry's for prices. They always have great sales on monitors.

Be sure to review websites for reviews or google will work (although you have to take more time to filter through them).

Trusted Reviews:

It shouldn't matter how much just be sure to color calibrate your display and that your display is durable (as i've had a monitor die on me).


A fresh, August 2012, ranking from CNET, which includes below US$ 200 monitors: http://reviews.cnet.com/2733-3174_7-924.html

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