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I have a Canon 60D and all those programs that come with it installed on my Macbook Pro, so I want to know if there is any way to record videos with it and store them directly on the computer using the USB cable. Since I only have a 8GB SDHC, but it's a class 2(I'll be getting a better one soon) and I need to record a 18 minutes video using my camera...

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Apparently not. You can shoot video in tethered mode, but it first records to the memory card and then transfers to the computer when the recording has finished.

From the EOS Utility 2.9 for Macintosh Instruction Manual (EOS 60D):

You can control your camera from EU [EOS Utility] and shoot movies from your computer screen. You cannot shoot movies without a memory card in your camera [p. 41].

...image data will be downloaded from the camera's memory card to your computer image data. [p. 43].

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