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Most cameras have a problem with movie recording due to the way pixels are read sequentially off the sensor, rather than all at once.

Are there any dSLR (or otherwise high-quality image) cameras whose movies don't exhibit the rolling shutter artifact (also known as "jello-y")?

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In Mastering HD Video with your DSLR, the author claims that only CMOS sensors suffer from the rolling shutter effect. A quick search shows there are currently NO DSLR with CCD sensors, so you'll have to settle for something smaller.

That does not leave many cameras that distinguish themselves for image quality. A few like the Olympus ZX-1, Nikon P7000, Canon S95, Canon G12 and Fuji F200 EXR.

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CMOS or CCD? An even quicker search would rapidly assure me that just about every dSLR in the 35mm format is CMOS based... :) – John Cavan May 12 '11 at 1:40
@John - Good catch. Corrected, it made no sense given the previous sentence. – Itai May 12 '11 at 1:42

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