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Lets say I have two opened images I am working on in Photo Shop. I want to copy an entire layer or a smart object from one opened image to the other opened image.

How do i do it?

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For a layer:

In your original image right click the layer in the list and select the "Duplicate Layer..." option.

You get a dialog prompting for the new layer name and (importantly in this case) a Destination drop down. It's defaulted to the current document but you can select another open document or create a new document. If you select another document you can also set it's name.

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Worked perfectly for me (May 24, 2016). Thank you! – Gia May 24 at 2:33

You just drag from the layers tab, the smart object and drop it to the other window with the second photo that you like to copy.

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Unfortunately I've not found a consistent way to actually automate this via an action which highly increases the amount of time required for such a simple task.

For now I move the window with the master smart filter applied and manually drag the smart filter object between documents.

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