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I seem to have to dust-like speck on my Sony Cybershot S950's lens, but it appears randomly every few pictures. Could something be going bad internally?

possible dust spec sample

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Thank you!!!!!! – Alan Apr 24 '11 at 3:39
Does it appear in the same spot in the frame every time it does show up? – mattdm Apr 24 '11 at 3:44
Roughly, if it ever does move it's only by a few pixels tops. – Alan Apr 24 '11 at 3:48
Pretty similar to photo.stackexchange.com/questions/6399/… and photo.stackexchange.com/questions/3504/spots-in-my-pictures, but slightly different since this is a non-interchangeable lens camera. – Evan Krall Apr 24 '11 at 4:56
Very similar!!! – Alan Apr 24 '11 at 5:38
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That sure looks like sensor dust, for which I'd recommend seeing the answers in the Best way to clean a DSLR sensor thread. The spot may appear "randomly" because it only appears when you're using a narrow aperture.

That said, it seems you don't have a dSLR, thus no interchangeable lenses which are what usually causes the situation where dust can get inside the camera body. I suppose it's possible that dust got inside the camera through some other way although I think that's a fairly rare occurrence.

If the camera is still under warranty, it's worth a call to the manufacturer.

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FWIW, dust (or something) got into my Fujifilm F31fd. That's such a nice little camera that I don't regret sending it in and having it cleaned, even though they charged me a basically-outrageous $100. – mattdm Apr 24 '11 at 3:58
That's what I feared, oh well. Seeing as I do more painting than photography at the moment, I'll send it in for repairs if it's still under the 2yr plan. Thanks for the help guys!!! I really appreciate it. – Alan Apr 24 '11 at 4:15

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