Nidelva river through Trondheim Norway

Nidelva river through Trondheim Norway
by Saaru Lindestokke                

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Possible Duplicate:
Why does my Canon DSLR stop recording video automatically?

When I take HD video with my Canon 60D camera, it stops automatically after about 5 seconds.

I am guessing this is because my card is not fast enough to handle the stream.

I am using my card from my old camera which is a 6 year old sandisk 1gb card (I have no clue what the speed is).

It handles pictures just fine (not very many though!)

So what kind of card do I need to be able to take video continuously (for the whole card if I want)

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I have found that Class 6 is the slowest you can go for guaranteed non-stop HD Video recording, however I have found that some fast Class 4 cards (such as the SanDisk 8GB 'Ultra' Class 4 which I use primarily) can keep up pretty much the same.

As well as actually recording on-location, the other area that Class 6 cards some into their own is back on your computer, copying files onto the Hard Drive. There's quite a noticeable speed difference there between Class 4 and Class 6.

Edit: Also the link in Andres' answer is a good introductory read.

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So I bought this class 4 card:… thinking that it would be decent, it only records for just over 10 seconds before auto stopping. Even when I drop it down to 720p. – JD Isaacks Apr 13 '11 at 16:33
@John Really? That's very odd. I'm using Magic Lantern 550D firmware when shooting video, so maybe that's 'fixing' a bitrate issue or something? I'm really sorry to have recommended that card if it doesn't work for you. edit The one I recommended was the 'Ultra' version of the same card. This is just standard. They're still Class 4, but the 'Ultra' is faster, I believe. – nchpmn Apr 14 '11 at 1:04
don't worry I appreciate your advice, I am wondering if there is something else going on, I really don't understand how a class 4 sdhc card at 720p can't go much longer than a plain 5 year old sd card at 1080p.. doesn't seem right to me. I dunno though, I think next time I'll try class 10 and if I experience the same issue then I know something is up. – JD Isaacks Apr 14 '11 at 2:27

You need a Class 6 SD card or better. The higher the Class, the faster the card.

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Using a canon 550D with a class 6 card I occasionally get video that auto stops. but this is occasional and only occurs when I move the camera fast. – damned truths Aug 15 '12 at 6:06
Try low level format. Also keep in mind that some cheap brands claim that their cards are class 6, but they really arent. – Andres Aug 19 '12 at 23:04

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