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I want to buy the Manfrotto 7320YB M-Y Compact Tripod Kit with Ball Head/Backpack/Gear Bag bundle for my Canon 60D

enter image description here

I want a weather proof or resistant bag since my camera is not weather sealed. I cannot find any information stating if it is or not?

Does anyone know?

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I think a good rule of thumb for features like this is: if it doesn't proudly declare it, the answer is no.

Reviews of the bundle on Adorama contain one which complains that the backpack has a "poor build" and that the fabric that used is "really thin". So that doesn't sound so hopeful. On the other hand, a reviewer on B&H Photo notes: "the bag seems to be constructed fairly well. [...] And there seems to be some weather sealing for the tripod pocket zipper."

But that's a far cry from "weather proof" or even resistant. I think you probably should look elsewhere for that.

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